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Details of the Gare du Nord bomb scare in Paris

By Rachel Brooks___Telegraph Local__See my blog 

In a series of repeat Black Friday attacks on Europe, the Gare du Nord of Paris was temporarily closed down. Citing Jerusalem Post, a bomb was discovered in the Gare du Nord railway station on Friday afternoon. This prompted an immediate evacuation of the railway station.

Citing India TV News, there was an unattended bag that was found to contain explosives in the Paris train station. 

The question on the public’s mind comes with an underscore of shared anxiety. Are these attacks being organized? First, early yesterday morning there was a stabbing in Central London by a formerly convicted radical extremist who had been inspired by al Qaeda, citing the Telegraph UK. Then, there was a stabbing in the Hague that had been thought possibly related to sophisticated crime, although the authorities could not determine if terrorism was linked. Now, an attack on a Gare du Nord station in Paris. This back-to-back small attack pattern could suggest that these attacks are being orchestrated. Yet, this has not been corroborated by any official source. So, at this point, the pattern could merely be a spike in seasonal violence or copy cat criminology.

Zee News states that there were a series of false reports made after train commuters were cleared away from the site. The train station response was rapid perhaps because of hypervigilance caused by the terrorist attacks throughout Europe earlier the same day.  However, the bag check that led to bomb discovery is believed to be part of the regular routine.

Also citing Zee News, commuters were made to wait an estimated 40 minutes outside the train station. Police recount of the situation was vague. Even so, they gave the eventual all-clear for commuters to resume. 

Screen capture of a post on PM Breaking News Twitter. This photo is allegedly that inactive shell found in a passenger bag in Paris on November 29.

Citing The National, the shell that was discovered in a passenger’s bag is believed to have been inactive. The shell was only detected as part of a random bag check as a station policy. There was also a quote “source close to the investigation” who said that the suspected man who carried the bag into the station“was a soldier”. 

Screencapture of a video shot during the train evacuation from the Twitter of journalist  Christopher Kozal Brennan from Observer, NYTimes, BBC World Service, Moscow Times and Deepnews_ai.  

A soldier for who? That’s the question that the public must ask as this incident follows on the heels of many public scares this week. There was also an incident in the US where some flying object_thought publicly at the time of the incident to be a potential drone_ triggered a security alarm system over the White House airspace. While the US Coast Guard deemed there was no hostile aircraft in the zone, and then security outfits supposed a flock of birds had caused it, the American people were still left a bit edgy by this incident. The public is on their toes and paranoid because of so many vague corresponding security incidents. It feels as if forces unseen are moving to orchestrate great panic on Planet Earth. 

Yet, we must not panic. The public must not buckle to the whims of evil people and the fruit of their like evil agendas. If we give in to terror, if we allow fear to dominate, the cycle will be vicious_ addictive. As Reuters cites the White House pledging “full support” to London, we must stand vigilant and steadfast for Paris. We must stand in constant watchfulness for the Hague and for any other place where the adder of fear takes its bite. Should we be diligent, we shall pass through to the other side whole and sound.

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