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Stabbing in the Hague mere hours after the London stabbing

By Rachel Brooks___Telegraph Local___See my blog 

Black Friday stabbings continue this time in The Hague, Netherlands. The public looks on in growing anxiety as this stabbing has come mere hours after the incident on London Bridge this morning. 

Citing David Vance of Alt News, one person is reported dead from the Hague incident. People looked on in terror from a nearby street. Citing the Guardian, three people were wounded in the incident. Guardian cites the incident as occurring on the Grote Markstraat. 

Screencapture of the incident live from ZOD 

Map of the general vicinity where the stabbing took place, Google Maps fair use.  The pin is positioned on the exact location. 

BBC cites the attack as occurring inside a department store. The stabbing was inside of the Hudson’s Bay location on Grote Mark. Dozens of shoppers ran into the street as the attack sent them into flight. 

The Hague police department has urged the public witnesses to contact them if they witnessed the attack. 

It is not yet clear if the incident in the Hudson’s Bay of the Hague is linked in any manner to the attack in London. Marije Kuiper, a spokeswoman for the Hague police, stated that it was not clear if the incident was a terror incident. 

The police released a statement regarding the suspect. The suspect is believed to be male, aged 45-50, and was last seen wearing a shawl, a black jacket, and a gray tracksuit. This is a somewhat vague description, yet police have urged witnesses to send in footage to make narrowing this down a bit easier. 

Screencapture of Emma Grande’s conversation with the Independent, Twitter. 

Emma Grande was a witness who posted a live video update of the incident. She spoke with Independent reporter Farnous Amiri. The Independent UK is posting live updates. Keep checking back for real-time footage as this is a developing story. Ms. Grande has spoken with us to confirm that she is alright and that she is indeed the one who took the video. 

There is no direct evidence that this was a linked terrorist attack, however, the strategy of the attack has a questionable appearance. The Hudson’s Bay store is near the dead-center of the shopping center, a place of high traffic. With a suspect matching such a vague description, there is no wonder that this incident suggests a high-level of criminal sophistication at the least. 

Citing the Daily Mail UK as of the last few minutes, the Hague police will seal the scene at the center of the shopping center for the time being. Most recent reports of the suspect describe a “slightly dark-skinned man.” Local news and blog translations such as La Plume Libre cite the man as a North African

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