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Stabbing in central London

By Rachel Brooks__Telegraph Local___See my blog.

Stabbing and hoax bombing rocks central London morning of Black Friday__situation stats breaking

A man has been shot dead by London police after strapping on a hoax bomb and using it as leverage to stab a number of people. Al Jazeera quotes Neil Basu, the lead of counterterrorism in London, as stating, “A male suspect was shot by specialist armed officers from the City of London police and I can confirm that the suspect died at the scene.” 

This has been profiled as a high-alert terrorist incident in London. The initial incident occurred on a stretch of London Bridge, in the near vicinity of Southwark. 

Neil Basu released a public statement to Twitter via the Metropolitan  Police of London’s handle. He spoke with the press outside the headquarters of New Scotland Yard. 

Basu states that the incident on London Bridge happened at approximately 2 PM (9 AM ET) on November 29. Law enforcement was called to respond to a multiple stabbings incident, a suspected blitz terror attack. 

A written statement was released by the Metropolitan Police as well. Quoted, as follows: 

“Police were called at 1:58 PM to a stabbing at premises of London Bridge.” 

Screencapture of the Met public statement in real-time approximately 52 minutes after the initial incident in ET. 

This statement was followed up. The man apprehended has been fatally shot since this initial release. Basu also urged the public to continue to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the police. Basu’s full statement is available at the official website handle of the Metropolitan Police UK. The Met urges the public to remain calm even as they continue to be especially vigilant in the wake of this incident. This statement falls on the stinging ears of witnesses, who have been traumatically frightened. Sky News reports on witness was, “so scared they ran all the way to Wapping,” which is approximately 2 miles away from the crime scene. The witness saw six people from the public tackling the suspect from the top story of a nearby bus. This witness, Celia Sodera, fled the scene when she saw the suspect reaching for his “terror vest” the hoax explosive police seized during the incident. 

At the point that the police arrived, the terrified bus commuters, including Sodera ran and crossed the bridge in the opposite direction of the scene. Sodera stated then that she heard gunshots and took off, flying on her feet all the way to Wapping. 

If we use Sodera’s account of the vicinity, and Google Maps pinpoint, then the incident occurred nearest to the local GW56+5W City of London, London, the United Kingdom which is the overground vicinity of this part of London Bridge. Citing Google Maps, you can see a large number of road stops closed in brief succession past Southwark Cathedral and Darwin Brasserie. 

Screencapture of a map in the local vicinity of the incident. Google maps fair use. 

Other witnesses, including a nurse called Jackie Bensfield, fled their buses. Another witness, Amanda Hunter stated her bus stopped and there was a commotion as the gunshots continued. 

NBC News has posted a video created by eyewitnesses. Citizens present on London Bridge apprehended the attacker, and several people can be seen wrestling with him before the police arrived at the scene. The man gave the citizen apprehenders the slip. A moment or so later, the public heard a single gunshot echo through the area. The suspect was fatally shot and died at the scene. 

In response to this incident, Transport of London closed the London bridge station. This is a major commuter area and the city feared an escalating incident could occur if the site was not temporarily shut down. 

London Ambulance Service has also declared the situation a quote “major incident” and has deployed many medevac vehicles to the scene. 

Screencapture of the London terrorist alert locale from Google Maps. 

This is a developing story. More details may emerge throughout the day.

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