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Valencia vs. Chelsea recap

By Rachel Brooks___Telegraph Local___see my blog

The match between Valencia and Chelsea yesterday wrapped in a tie. Both teams showed great strengths, reaction times, and determinedness to win_and the final result shows. This game sets the tone for the rest of the premier league season. This will be one for the history books. One that will put a wild demand on all players as Fifa, Uefa, and the Premier League will collaborate this season to start a new match every 80 minutes. The Guardian called it “rupturing the space-time continuum.” 

Continued from the Guardian report, a tied-win does not a relaxing Thanksgiving victory party make. The Chelsea team manager, Frank Lampard, still has the headache-inducing concern of ranking. A tie with Valencia means that the Chelsea team must beat Lillie in their next game to guarantee advancement. 

Frank Lampard was rather displeased with this match citing NBC Sports.  He is quoted by Football. London as saying, “ I don’t feel fortunate. I didn’t love the match.” He was also relieved that they made it through this round on a positive trend, but there is an obvious undercurrent of anxiety after this tough contest. 

The Chelsea team is also worried because their striker, Tammy Abraham, received a serious direct injury during the match. Abraham is a star player for the team having already racked up several goals for the team this season, citing INews UK.  

This morning, blogs such as TeamTalk cite Abraham as cleared of severe disqualifying injuries. Abraham also spoke with Chelsea TV expressing hope that this was indeed only a serious bruising and he would be allowed to play in the next round. 

If Abraham cannot continue into the West Ham match, who will fill his shoes? Having scored 11 goals across all matches this season, he is the player whose performance must be maintained to keep Chelsea’s momentum. Chelsea team fans responded to the sports news site Talk which took a poll to gauge popular demand for a backup player. Abraham has two backups selected. Michy Batshuayi and Oliver Giroud. 

Simon Phillips, a reporter who follows the Chelsea team for Talk Chelsea and other news outlets, posted results: 

Screencapture of Simon Phillips’ Twitter poll

There was overwhelming favor for Giroud. Out of 6,763 votes, 66% of votes trended toward Giroud. That is more than half of those who voted for Batshuayi. 

Phillips also took a poll to see who fans thought is the most important player to monitor in maintaining Chelsea’s performance post last night’s match. 

So far the fans have voted Kovacic as the player to watch. This opinion follows after Kovacic has scored a rare goal for him. 

Citing the Sun UK,  fans could not believe their eyes as this was Kovacic’s first goal in 141 games.

Screencapture of Phillip’s player poll on Twitter. Reveals increased sentiment for Kovacic and heightened interest in his future performances.

Kovacic is a fan-celebrated mid-fielder and some have even called him the “best midfielder in the world” quoting Twitter-member username bencadict.

Valencia is a force to be reckoned with, in the meantime. Valencia’s star reputation is escalating both on the field and off. This tie for them can also spell some management headaches as the advancement round draws near. Valencia is confident. Watching the advanced season unfold will be something to commemorate.

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