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The Irishman Preview

By Rachel Brooks__Telegraph Local___See my Blog

The Irishman Netflix original will release tonight at 12: 01 AM PST. That’s 3 am for ET viewers so you’re not likely to be watching it until the actual morning of the Thanksgiving feast. The film also had a brief theatrical run. 

Without any spoilers of the film’s content, what will the viewing experience look like? Is this Robert DeNiro’s finest performance, a coronet of his half-century on the silver screens? Is this the best of Martin Scorcese’s fine wine film choice? 

Screencapture of the official The Irishman Twitter handle. “The story of a lifetime.” 

The Film has fine visual quality_even for 2019 

At this stage of the cinematic journey, we’ve seen all wow factors done to death. Gone are the days when the laser swords and scrolling space operatic opening sequences can stun an audience. In this era, when the hearts of film-goers are as divided in their own lives as the characters they turn to, visual quality must appeal to the real-feel of these dark days. 

The Irishman delivers on this uncommonly well. Citing Deadline,  on the film’s synopsis, we will see Robert DeNiro’s character Frank Sheeran cover a 50-year-arc transformation. He will go from a mob foot soldier in 1949 transformed into a wizened and world-weary hitman by the year 2000 mark. Digital Wizard technology de-ages DeNiro. Again, we see him in the guise of the man we knew from titles such as Scarface. 

Thematics grip the screen and capture the essence and grit of the troubled universe. You get a strong feel for this man who has survived for five decades amid the savagery of the mafia’s Underworld. 

Every scene is shot in a soft, dark color grade that gives the film a feel of the ominous. The film draws us into the battlefield and the blackness of the underground city that the characters know so well. This film forces us to see the most unpleasant things about society in a compelling light. 

Star-studded cast promises dramatic delivery 

The Irishman’s official Twitter calls this “the story of a lifetime”. From the director’s chair to the production team, this is a star-studded cast that transverses several different dynasties of cinematic history. So, in a sense, this is the story of the American film-goer’s lifetime as much as it is the story of the Sheeran’s character’s lifetime. 

Screencapture of an interview tweet retweeted by Netflix film’s page. Scorcese reflects on his own challenge when faced with the magnitude of this film. 

Scorcese’s learning experience 

So often, we think of a film from the mind of the movie-goer. Yet, Scorcese has revealed in an interview with Netflix that he too had an incredible learning experience working on this film. “I find that you learn everything again, every picture.” He is quoted as saying to the Netflix documentary team that shot the Irishman’s corresponding featurette. 

The final review 

Connor Movies called this Scorcese’s most “personal, powerful, and grandest film yet.” Reaching a verdict, the audience will find that this is a movie close-to-home and relevant to the troubled times in which we find ourselves. This film will speak to vast audiences in different ways. It will challenge and redefine the way audiences see film experiences through the Netflix streaming service, as traditional cinema meets the creative genius of the Millennial’s silver screen service.

 If there must be a final word on this film, then let it be said that this film has captured the essence of cinematic science. It will be used by the film students of tomorrow to preserve the Scorcese era of film making for generations to come.

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