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Barcelona vs Dortmund soccer tournament recap

By Rachel Brooks__Telegraph Local___See my Blog

Barcelona beat Dortmund in today’s soccer tournament_with the final score a 3-1. This game had some serious highlights that are worth a second take. 

Citing the Guardian,  this win against the Borussia-Dortmund team seals a spot for Barcelona in the Champions League. 

Also citing Guardian, Lionel Messi of the Barcelona team scored an impressive “milestone” goal. He then assisted in two more goals, driving the game to the 3 goals that won the day. This was Messi’s 700th match for Barcelona. 

ESPN reports that Messi doubled in on Barca’s lead four minutes after Luis Suarez opened the scoring in the second half. This was Messi’s 613th goal for the club. Messi has increased his goals for the club by 13 since May of this year, citing FC Barcelona. 

Antoine Greizmann also redeemed his confidence in this game. He finished a pass from Messi to further stretch the lead Barca was driving. In the 67th minute, he scored a hardwon goal. He had failed to score a goal in his previous six appearances for the club. For him, this was a major boost of his confidence. 

Screencapture of the FC Barcelona live match report stats 

Even though the German team lost, they delivered gameplay worthy of their rival team. Dortmund took some great saves, with the German keeper called into action at the 60-minute mark to make a great save from Brandt. Then, at the 62-minute mark, Jadon Sancho came on at halftime. This turned up the heat for Barca. At this mark in the game, this is where we saw the players of Barca come together and show their strengths as a unit.

Greizmann delivered the goal that drew Barca 3 up. Yet, Sancho gave them hell to the last. His final striker goal pulled the German team up by 1.

In the end, it was the keeper that kept back Sancho’s furious plays. One final contest between Wague and Suarez and it was full time. A well-played game setting the tone for many more games to come for the prestigious club.  

Screencapture of the Barca First Team matches, and match schedules FC Barcelona

The Forbes cover of the Barcelona vs. Dortmund game wasn’t as charmed by the team’s performance. The Forbes report noted that Suarez didn’t deliver strong action until 20 minutes into the game. The Forbes coverage was a bit critical of other specific details of the match. 

One thing that all reviews of the game’s performance could agree on, was the stellar performance of Messi. He is undoubtedly the club’s man as of recent months. Messi has netted against 78 out of 87 opponents so far, amplifying him as the man to beat this year. International Business Times calls this match a game that puts Messi “further in the history books.” Messi has now scored against 34 different teams in the European team tournament circuit. 

Messi is leading ahead of all other players in the competition with his individual performance. Setting the tone, and setting the example, all other players are challenged to perform at their top game. This is driving the competition to a guts-and-glory end. 

Premier soccer season began on August 8 and ends on May 17, 2020, citing ESPN. A few months in and already the world has seen history made in the game. This season is so far one for the history books and by the time it’s through records will shatter. 

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