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Black Friday Tech deals

By Rachel Brooks

Black Friday sales are followed up by the techie’s dream Cyber Monday. These back to back savings on devices and software are a lifesaver for small businesses, and a dream come true to the gadget lover. 

Where are the best deals this Black Friday? Citing Bruce Brown of Digital Trends, it might be a tough list to narrow down. They are at almost every major retailer and the list updates daily. 

The majority of Black Friday sales will be available both online and in-stores with a few exceptions for in-stores only deals. 

Some of the best deals across the board that Digital Trends could find were as follows: 

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS ____$169.00 at Walmart was 199.99. 

Canon Power Shot SX420 $193.98 at Walmart was 384.00. 

LG 70”  Smart TV $646.99 at Walmart was 899.99. 

Even the best deals have better options 

For the smart TV that is a price drop of $253.00. This saves roughly 20% of the original unit price. Best Buy has a comparable deal on a 70” screen Samsung smart TV of the same original unit price 899.99. The Samsung TV will sell through Best Buy for $549.99 as part of the Doorbuster deals. This is a savings of $350. This is an even better deal than the Walmart option but may expire soon. 

Keep your eyes wide open for better deals. Even the best options have even better options. If you see a sale at a major retailer, chances are the competitor is running one like it. Compare the two values on the same item at each store to see which one will cut you the better deal. 

Cyber Monday gets an early start 

Evidently, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is the new Cyber Monday. Black Friday has become a season, a culture, an Olympic contest. Even powerhouse retailers such as the Google store are getting ahead of the festivities with early deals. 

Google Store has the Pixel 4 unlocked now. You can save $200 on it now. It was $799 but now it goes for $599 full price or $24.96 per month when it was $33.39 per month for 24 months.

This deal ends on December 2 so act fast. 

Screencapture of the Google Pixel 4 ad on Google Store 

The elusive Surface Pro will have a major deal value this Black Friday. Pro 7 will take $430 off the regular price, citing Phillip Tracy at 

Best Buy already has a massive deal on Surface Pro. It is selling now for $549.00  when it was $959.00. For Best Buy, this is a $410 price cut. 

Screencapture of the massive price cut Best Buy is running on Surface Pro. 

Microsoft’s web store already has special deals for Surface Go posted on their site, which can be shipped by November 27.  Surface Go is selling for $399.00 for regular customers and $379.05 special discount for eligible students. Walmart normally has this model listed at $449.00 so buying directly from the source may save you a great deal here. 

Check for retailer price match and comparison 

Yet, if you wish, Walmart is also known to offer a price match deal if you can present the clerks with a current sales ad at checkout. The price match conditions for Walmart Black Friday are those items that are not on the 1-hour guarantee list. See Walmart’s price match policy here.

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