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Best Black Friday Deals from Amazon

By Rachel Brooks

The world’s major retailer would not pass up a chance to extract the greater value from the Black Friday season. This is too good to pass up. It makes for some hot new deals for you. As the day draws nearer, new early bird deals are posting by the hour. Of all these, which are the finest savings? 

As it turns out, this is going to be a much harder field to narrow than you think. All the more reason for you to climb aboard. Amazon will be selling a vast number of items at Black Friday rates often with free shipping.

Black Friday Countdown and Amazon deal tags

Keep a weather eye out for labels. Amazon doesn’t tag their Black Friday deals the same way as most retailers. Most of the current tags say “limited time deal” by which they mean “Black Friday”. Yet, the site will also have some deals that are explicitly Black Friday discounts, called the Black Friday Countdown. 

Some of the deals will update on an hour-by-hour basis. These are called “deals of the day” so keep an eye out for these as well. They won’t last half as long. 

Screencapture of the Amazon “Black Friday Countdown”

Major deals on TVs compare Amazon’s free shipping times

Amazon’s major deals are big-ticket items. Sure, if you’re not concerned about damages to your expensive hardware via the post, then you can reap the great benefits of Amazon’s max out savings here. A 32”  Insignia Fire TV is going at this moment for $99. It was previously $170.00 via Amazon. Even with Black Friday deals, the same sized TV is selling at most establishments for $119 or higher. 

The only exception on Insignia Fire is the Google Store deal which ships to Best Buy. 32” Insignia TVs are going there for 89.00 with free shipping. It’s $10 less on the sale cost, but the Amazon deal is still better. Why? You won’t save as much money, but free shipping via Amazon is also express shipping via Amazon. With the Google store deal, you’ll need to wait until next Thursday to get it. You will get it one day earlier through Amazon. If you order it within the next 20.5 hours you can also choose two-day shipping at the checkout.  So, if delivery time is an essential part of your online shopping experience, this deal is more appealing, a few dollars more or no. 

Screencapture of the Macbook Air sale. Act fast and get free-shipping next day 

Huge savings on MacBook Air 

This one is a jaw-dropping value. The 13-inch Apple MacBook Air is going with free shipping for $699.00 it was $999.00. That means you’re saving $300 or 30%. The same model of MacBook is selling at Best Buy for $899.00 and that’s the Black Friday price. You save $100 if you go with Amazon here and you get shipping free. 

If you order in 2 hours and 20 minutes, you can choose one-day shipping for free shipping. Also, if you are an Amazon Rewards Visa Card user you get another $60 off instantly. That means you get a new MacBook Air tomorrow for $639.00. 

Major deals such as these are showing up all over the site. Keep checking back. If you want to reap the full returns of these free shipping values, you have to go for it within hours or you may have to wait a while. Even so, shipping is still free on the majority of the Black Friday deals. That is a huge upsell for shopping with Amazon this Black Friday.

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