How Special is Luka Doncic?

“Luka expressing excitement during a game” by Tim Heitman of USA Today Licensed under CC by 2.0

Have you ever watched a master at work? Watched a painter in his muse, elegantly stroking the brush as they create their masterpiece right in front of your eyes. The grace, the passion, the fervor as they control the art that they are illuminating your eyes with so powerfully? That is what you get with the Slovenian matador, Luka Doncic. Last year’s rookie of the year is currently averaging 30.6 points, 10.8 rebounds, and 9.8 rebounds according to basketballreference.com in this young NBA season. 

These numbers are astounding for a 20-year-old sophomore and haven’t been seen since Lebron James’ second season. Luks has been so great, He’s been thought of in some circles as a better player than Lebron James at this age. The comparison is valid. LeBron did average 27, 7, and 7 in his second season. 

Back to Luka. In this young season, Luka is more seasoned, more comfortable in his role as the leader of the Dallas Mavericks. He quickly and seamlessly captured Dirk’s Legacy and is poised to keep the Mavs in relevance in the NBA for a decade or more, barring something catastrophic occurs like injury or free agency.

Right now Luka’s exceptional play has the Mavericks sitting 4th in the western conference with an 11-5 record. This hot-start has the Mavs on a potential 50 plus win pace right now. And on top of that, there’s never a moment you’d want to miss while watching a Mav’s game. 

Right now he has 5 30 point triple-doubles and is the first player to record two consecutive 30 point triple-doubles in wins against the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors.

How special is Luka? We saw how special he was last season when he captured so many fans and almost won an all-star start due to his freakishly high fan vote. Luka Doncic is showing us he hasn’t experienced the sophomore slump and is carving defenses up with his amazing ability to score or create scoring opportunities on every play. Luka is a three-level scorer, meaning he can score from any spot on the field. His favorite moves are the sizzling step back that seems to destroy defenders as it gracefully and patiently hits from 30 feet and beyond. Or, the wonderful pass fake that he seems to have as second nature.

Luka Doncic highlights

What makes Luka so special? It seems to be the poise that he carries throughout the game. He’s only in his second season, however, he plays as if he were a 7-year vet. This can be accredited to the fact that Luka has been playing professionally ever since he was a teenager playing for Madrid, where he won Euro league MVP and won the Euro league title. 

It’s young in his career, and the season is still young. However, Luka has shown us glimpses that he’s going to be in the upper echelon of basketball’s hierarchy for years to come. This has been shown as he’s already an MVP candidate and he’s only 20.

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