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Call of Duty Modern Warfare and other video games to keep an eye out on Black Friday 2019

By Rachel Brooks

Many video games are in high-demand this Black Friday season (yes, Black Friday has become a season unto its own). None perhaps is more anticipated than a discounted Call of Duty Modern Warfare which dropped in October 2019. 

There are a whole series of  Black Friday titles rolling out that are worth ramping up the hype for. As follows, a look at some of the major retailer deals for Black Friday 2019. 

Walmart drops early deals

Walmart has rolled out its early Black Friday deals yesterday, November 24, citing Gamespot’s review and the Walmart hub site. The official Black Friday deals don’t begin until November 27 at 7 PM PT (10 PM ET). The in-store sales begin at 6 PM local time on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2019. 

Walmart is all about tech this year, ramping up their offerings for PS4 and more. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is available for early deals and is going for $38.00 with free shipping. 

Screencapture Walmart Call of Duty ad. Order today, get it by Black Friday.  

Walmart’s current deal is better than BestBuy which is still listed at 59.99 on-site, but that may change as we come upon the eve of Black Friday. 

Best Buy still among the best 

Even with Walmart rolling out an early welcome carpet for their Black Friday online orders, the prices might not be the absolute best on all games. Best Buy, on the other hand, rivals Walmart in this department. PS4 titles are going for as little as $19.99. 

Screencapture of the Black Friday ad for Medievil for PS4

Don’t forget Amazon 

Who says you need to darken the doorbusters to get good deals on Black Friday? Don’t forget Amazon, which is already well on track of its Black Friday sale. The Amazon sales began on November 22. They will continue until November 29. 

Amazon seems to take the title for the best listing price so far when it comes to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trilogy. Available now, the XBOX 360 compatible version of all 3 titles is $27.90 with free shipping. You can also buy it used for $23.99. You can get the PS3 version for $25.94. 

Screencapture of special “Blast from the Past” deals at Gamestop 

Gamestop specials 

It would be remiss not to include deals published by a store devoted to video games in a review of video game deals. This year, save up to $50 on Xbox titles, $100 dollars on PS4 consoles, and more at Gamestop online and various in-store locations.

Gamestop is also running special deals on Call of Duty Modern Warfare. At Gamestop, get the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Performance Thumbsticks with a bonus in-game calling card. These are created by KontrolFreek and give you optimal game place performance power. 

Screencapture of the performance thumbsticks by KontrolFreek available at Gamestop 

Gamestop is also running a special PS4 plus Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bundle that is available now. The price is now $299.99 slashing $100 off the regular sales price. Store pick up is unavailable for this item at some stores. 

With these deals, you will take your holiday gameplay through the ceiling. Enjoy the holiday season.

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