Trump and Pilosi have secret affair in Lincoln era secret tunnel!
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Trump and Pilosi have secret affair in Lincoln era secret tunnel!

WASHINGTON DC – 9:15 AM September 30th

Story by Bart Smith

Although we find it hard to believe, opposites do attract. We have received an exclusive memo dated yesterday that confirms from a reliable 4th party source that yes, the president and Nancy Pilosi were caught red handed, Mrs. Pilosi had her hand in the “pickle jar” so to speak.

We all know of the secret hallways and escape tunnels that have surfaced over the years in the White House. Yet, there is one little known that was built during the Lincoln administration that has gone un-checked. This particular dark, stoned in hallway lacks any cameras and modern day spy equipment.

It is actually rumored that this same abandoned rain soaked hallway was the same that Marlyn Monroe and President Kennedy had used for secret meetings. But just yesterday, the baby making hallway was in full swing with President Trump and the Speaker of the House. In fact, the only way this 4th party source put two and two together were the speckles of orange stain from the presidents hair spray that were spotted on Mrs. Pilosi’s crotch. I guess wearing white after labor day will get you in trouble.

Our 4th party source even claimed Mrs. Pilosi had sex hair and a strange glow to her otherwise prunning facial features. Maybe, just maybe there will be a love child after the impeachment inquiry runs the course? We don’t know but one thing we do know is, I bet Hilary Clinton is jealous!

P.S – This story is completely made up! Stay tuned for updates…

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