5 Tips for Black Friday Travel Deals

5 Tips for Booking Black Friday 2019 Travel Deals

Ruth Hancock – Staff Writer – Telegraph Local

Black Friday is on November 29, 2019 this year.  Many airlines may run deals prior to Black Friday or Cyber Monday.   Be sure to set up alerts with your favorite travel sites so that you won’t miss out on any deals that may be offered for short time only – some sale prices are available for less than 24 hours.

5 Tips for Book Black Friday Deals

Price Check both Airlines and Online Travel Agencies

Before you start shopping for travels deals this Black Friday, be sure to note where you would like to price compare. Be sure to check your favorite airline carrier as well as various online travel agencies (OTA), such as Kayak or Expedia. Generally speaking, most Black Friday airfare deals will trickle down to the OTA sites. However; individual airlines may offer additional coupon deals if only booked through the carrier.

Flexible Travel Dates

Remaining flexible with your travel dates when shopping for Black Friday travel deals will yield the best cost savings. If you are planning a weekend trip, looking at flying out a day earlier and back a day later might make up the cost of the extra nights at a hotel. Also, flying to tourist vacation destinations in the middle of the week generally allows for the best possible price.

Research Ahead of Time

Doing some price comparison on the same websites ahead of time will let you know what normal prices are and will allow you gauge if a deal really is a good deal. Be sure to price check on all the same websites you plan to Black Friday sale shop. In addition, most Black Friday sales are really good deals and go very quickly. Assume most deals will only be available for 24 hours or less.

Pick the Right Departure Day

Being prepared with the days of travel is also key when Black Friday sale shopping. “In general, if you’re getting away for a weekend, you should plan to depart on Saturday for domestic flights, and depart on Thursday for international flights,” notes Hayley Berg, economist for the travel app Hopper.

Compare Multiple Airports

“Be flexible with airports if you are flying out of or into an area with multiple airports,” Berg advises. “There may be a fantastic deal to another airport in the area that you’re missing out on.”

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