People's Choice Awards: 10 Moments the TV Cameras Missed
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People’s Choice Awards: 10 Moments the TV Cameras Missed

by Lindsay Weinberg

Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani and Pink were the big honorees Sunday at the 2019 People’s Choice Awards. But in between speeches by the Kardashians, Robert Downey Jr. and Kevin Hart, there was plenty of behind-the-scenes action. Here are 10 moments the camera missed at the awards show. 

1. An audience member twerked on screen and was escorted out by security

Three female seat fillers had been guzzling cans of The Drop rosé during the show. During a segment featuring the Vanderpump Rules cast, the camera caught one of the girls in the background audience. She stood and turned with her back to the camera before beginning to twerk on screen. After the segment, two security guards came to escort her and her two friends out of the show. 

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The audience member that photobombed the #vanderpump reunion with her twerking? She and her 2 friends got escorted out by security. #PeoplesChoiceAwards19310:03 PM – Nov 10, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Lindsay Weinberg’s other Tweets

2. Blake Shelton’s bleeped declaration of love for Stefani

While accepting his award for Country Artist of 2019, Shelton shouted out to partner Stefani: “I love the shit out of you.” Naturally the expletive was bleeped, so viewers at home were left to speculate. After receiving the accolade, Shelton returned to his table, bid farewell to singer Alessia Cara and walked out with his drink and trophy in one hand, holding Stefani’s hand with his other. 

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3. Several stars played musical chairs throughout the night

While initially Shelton and Stefani were seated at a table with Zendaya and Jimmy Fallon, they were later reseated at Pink’s table, where she was sipping red wine. Robert Downey Jr. was placed there as well, immediately before accepting his award (and left the scene after taking home his prize). Before Aniston claimed her Icon award, she was quickly seated at Shelton’s old table, though Zendaya appeared to have dipped out after her second title. 

4. The Kardashians’ last-minute arrival

Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian were spotted arriving at the award show after it began, just before Hart’s award. Jenner and Kim Kardashian were later seen chatting and laughing with Lisa Rinna just before the reality TV category was announced — Rinna had to dash back to her seat across the floor in her white dress. Looks like there was no hard feelings when the Kardashians took the crown. After their win, the Kardashians high-fived some friends and Kourtney Kardashian waved to screaming fans. 

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5. What Jeremy Scott was supposed to say

The Moschino designer struggled while presenting Stefani with her Fashion Icon Award, making several flubs before proclaiming that he couldn’t read the teleprompter. He improvised his speech to her, while it read: “Her designs aren’t just fashion. They’re a lifestyle. They exude confidence and are a bold and playful extension of her spirit. A part of her is in every piece and we love that. She’s never lost sight of who she is and who we are. She is more than a collaborator. She’s a friend.” After she made her speech, Stefani embraced Scott and they walked out arm-in-arm.

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Jeremy Scott went totally off script for @gwenstefani speech as it was tough to read. Here’s the prompter as he’s speaking. #PeoplesChoiceAwards201969:49 PM – Nov 10, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Lindsay Weinberg’s other Tweets

6. A possible Zendaya wardrobe malfunction

As Zendaya exited the stage after accepting an award, she held up the waist of her black Christopher Esber gown and seemed to be pulling at the strings in the back, suggesting that perhaps it had come loose during the night. 

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7. The train team

Both Scott and Stefani had an assistant carry their trains throughout the night, making them the most noticeable stars with an entourage. 

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8. Who presenter Asante Blackk was rooting for

The When They See Us breakout was not shy about who he was rooting for in the category he presented, Male Movie Star of 2019. He told The Hollywood Reporter that Will Smith is one of his all-time favorites for roles in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Bad Boys. “I’m just shaking thinking about it. I’m such a huge fan,” Blackk said, adding of the past year, “It’s a complete whirlwind really. A year ago, I would have never expected to be in these rooms, at these award shows, but here I am.”

9. A Stranger Things and Spider-Man crossover 

A photo of Noah Schnapp and Zendaya together at the People’s Choice Awards sent social media buzzing. But a Stranger Things and Spider-Man crossover might not be too far-fetched. Before the show, Schnapp told THR on the red carpet, “I’ve always dreamt of being Spider-Man. It’s like a very far away thing.” He calls himself “such a big fan” of Tom Holland. “Love him.” 

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Stranger Things: Homecoming #PCAs

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10. KJ Apa admitted he’s not a big fan of the red carpet

The Riverdale star told THR on the red carpet that he views the carpet as part of the job, but it’s not his favorite. “It’s work. It’s easy to get stuck in this kind of stuff. I prefer to just keep the eyes on the prize, which is whatever the material is, whatever we’re working on,” Apa says. “You have to find a way to give your energy to it even though you know that it’s not really — I don’t really necessarily like walking red carpets and taking all the photos.” Instead, he prefers to express gratitude to the fans and focus on the “realness, not any of this.”

Apa has 11 more episodes to go this season as Archie in the comic-based series, teasing that “I feel like this season, we progressively get better every episode. There’s some really exciting stuff coming up, especially for Archie. He was dealing a lot with a lot of things this season, so it’s going to be interesting to see how he navigates through all that.” 

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