School closings in CNY: There are delays and closings due to the weather, Friday Nov. 1
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School closings in CNY: There are delays and closings due to the weather, Friday Nov. 1

Some schools have announced delays and closings due to the weather conditions.

Our information comes directly from school officials, school websites and news reports. We’ll continue to update the list as it changes.

The following information reflects the most current list.

Adirondack Central2-hour delay Fri. Nov. 16:17 AM
AlexandriaClosed Fri. Nov. 17:58 AM
Augustinian AcademyClosed Fri. Nov. 17:28 AM
Baldwinsville2-hour delay Fri. Nov. 16:02 AM
Belleville-Henderson2-hour delay Fri. Nov. 16:14 AM
Canton CentralClosed Fri. Nov. 17:59 AM
Carthage CentralClosed Fri. Nov. 17:28 AM
Central ValleyClosed Fri. Nov. 16:17 AM
Clifton-Fine CentralClosed Fri. Nov. 18:00 AM
ClintonClosed Fri. Nov. 17:07 AM
Frankfort-SchuylerClosed Fri. Nov. 17:06 AM
General BrownClosed Fri. Nov. 17:57 AM
Gouverneur CentralClosed Fri. Nov. 17:08 AM
Herkimer BOCESClosedStaff should not report.Fri. Nov. 16:39 AM
Herkimer Community CollegeClosed Fri. Nov. 17:54 AM
Holland PatentClosed Fri. Nov. 16:57 AM
LaFargevilleClosed Fri. Nov. 18:00 AM
Little FallsClosed Fri. Nov. 16:38 AM
Liverpool2-hour delay Fri. Nov. 16:13 AM
LymeClosed Fri. Nov. 17:57 AM
Madrid-Waddington CentralClosed Fri. Nov. 17:55 AM
McGraw2-hour delay Fri. Nov. 17:03 AM
Mount MarkhamClosed Fri. Nov. 16:17 AM
New HartfordClosed Fri. Nov. 17:55 AM
New York MillsClosed Fri. Nov. 17:05 AM
North Syracuse2-hour delay Fri. Nov. 16:12 AM
Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCESClosed Fri. Nov. 18:01 AM
OriskanyClosed Fri. Nov. 17:09 AM
Potsdam CentralClosed Fri. Nov. 17:56 AM
RemsenClosed Fri. Nov. 17:26 AM
Richfield SpringsClosed Fri. Nov. 17:05 AM
Sackets Harbor2-hour delay Fri. Nov. 16:14 AM
Thousand IslandsClosed Fri. Nov. 17:54 AM
UticaClosed Fri. Nov. 17:27 AM
Waterloo2-hour delay Fri. Nov. 17:04 AM
WatertownClosed Fri. Nov. 17:26 AM
WatervilleClosed Fri. Nov. 17:58 AM
Westmoreland2-hour delay Fri. Nov. 16:15 AM
WhitesboroClosed Fri. Nov. 16:15 AM

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