Patrick Mahomes on the injured list
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Patrick Mahomes on the injured list

That sound you hear is deafening silence in Kansas City, but also around the entire NFL, after the Chiefs saw Patrick Mahomes go down and remain on the ground clutching his knee after a called quarterback sneak against the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football. Clutching his knee in obvious pain, Mahomes would wave off the cart — the fact it was sent out creating that much more concern regarding the situation — and instead limped off the field with assistance from the medical staff.

After spending only a couple of minutes in the X-ray room, the Chiefs were swift to rule Mahomes out for the remainder of the game. On Friday morning, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that Mahomes did indeed sustain a dislocated kneecap and will have and MRI on Friday. Rapoport added that Mahomes is expected to miss at least three weeks, as the amount of ligament damage sustained will ultimately determine the timetable for Mahomes’ return. 

The 24-year-old phenom entered Week 7 battling an ankle injury that he looked to have mostly moved past, given how well he was moving around in Denver. However, prior to the Chiefs’ Thursday night game, there was some concern the ankle injury was not as minor as was previously reported. The latest knee injury might cost him some time going forward. 

That is to be determined by the Chiefs after further evaluation, of course, but it didn’t stop the immediate and overwhelming outpouring of support from other franchise quarterbacks, beginning with Deshawn Watson of the Houston Texans — who knows about suffering knee injuries from his time spent rehabbing a torn ACL, and twice in his career.

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