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Public Biography

Bart Smith grew up in a rural community in the western part of Virginia, spending his teenage years living on a farm and working as a farmhand. After high school, Bart briefly attended college in Richmond, Virginia but found it like high school, boring and slow moving. Upon getting a job offer that he knew would change his life, he quit school and moved to Brooklyn, New York.

Bart began his career in business and finance to include real estate and commercial paper. He worked for several firms in both New York and satellite positions in Washington, DC and Richmond, Virginia, even hosting his own radio real estate finance show on AM radio. After an 11 year career, Bart found that he was no longer interested in his craft. So, he quit.

After taking time off, he moved to Washington, DC where he took the position of CFO at a small but fast growing media and events company. This is where he gained interest in the start up world. After parting ways with that company, Bart opted to stay in Washington, DC and began bartending at several popular bars around the city. He continued to do so for 2 years.

After a chance conversation with one of the bar patrons, Bart found himself fascinated with computer science and web development. During his downtime behind the bar, he taught himself how to write javascript and design websites. He soon realized all of the doors he could open with this new found information.

The start up bug soon followed. Bart founded ScoutPuppy Local after realizing the need for small businesses to have the opportunity receive advertising only available to much larger companies. Realizing the challenge after the fact, he found himself having to learn many more aspects of the business. One’s that he was not familiar with. Although frustrating at times, the knowledge gained became indispensable.

After selling that company, he took the helm at Telegraph Local. This allowed him to not only stay in the world of advertising but also to enjoy a true passion of delivering late breaking news and information like never before. His current role as Editor In Chief allows for not just artistic creation and expression but also the opportunity to put forth all of the lessons and knowledge learned from previous positions throughout his 22 year career.

The news that will be available on Telegraph Local will be reported as fair and accurate facts across the board, without bias, including political stories. All of the stories will be current trending topics covering a wide variety of topics. So you never have to dig through tons of unwanted reading to find what is really happening across the world and in your own neighborhood.

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