Guidelines for choosing your writing topics.

  1. Every weekday morning by 8 AM eastern time, the morning headlines will be posted for you to choose from. This iwll include a headline. YOU MUST USE our headline but the content is there for you to create. Simply type your name next to the headline you want. Choose one at a time. Once you fully complete one,spellcheck it, tag it, add photos and publish it you can come back and choose another.
  2. Daily headlines for contributors will be posted by 8 AM and afternoon headlines will be posted by 2 PM Monday through Friday. Any hedlines left from the morning must be cleared before you can choose afternoon headlines to write about.
  3. Almost all of your articles will be short form, this means 450-500 words, no less and no more. The form type will be listed by the headline.
  4. You are permitted to add two back links to your blog or website per article but there must also be at least two links that go to another source. Such as wikilinks or another article on another news website similiar to your article.
  5. If you choose an article you must make it a priority. The earlier you get your article paosted, the more traffic you get and Telegraph Local gets as we can add it to the search engines earlier in the day.
  6. You must write about your article and publish it within 3 hours of accepting the task. remeber, the more articles you write, the more people see your work and the more we see your initiative and motivation.
  7. All short form articles can be automatically published by you without approval from us. ALL long form article can only be saved as drafts so senor management can review the copy.
  8. You are encouraged to write as much as you want as long as there are headlines available. You will sometimes have to write about topics your not interested in but this is all about variety and growing as a writer.

The link to the headline board is here and the password is telegraphlocal . Please be sure to save the link on your computer for faster access.